Sightseeing Spots

Hagi domain castle was built by Terumoto Mōri in 1604 and over the next 260 years, Hagi Castle Town prospered. Former samurai residences, the old mud walls and the layout of Hagi Castle Town area still retain their traditional appearance. Historical sites are scattered throughout Hagi, truly making the entire city an open air museum. 
Hagi city was active both before and after the Meiji Restoration, and many of the great figures who would drive forward modernization in Japan were born here. Historical sites relating to these famous figures can be seen throughout the city.
The Aibagawa River area where carp swim overlooked by samurai residences, mysterious Mount Kasayama and the expansive scenery of Chōmonkyō and the Hornfels offer lots to explore in Hagi.

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Hagi Castle Ruins Area

画像:Hagi Castle Ruins Area


Hagi Castle Town Area

画像:Hagi Castle Town Area


Shōin Shrine Area

画像:Shōin Shrine Area


Kasayama Area

画像:Kasayama Area


Other Areas・The Suburbs

画像:Other Areas・The Suburbs