Hagi A City of World Heritage
-Protect and Preserve

This is a Hagi city tourism promotion video. Hagi city flourished under the Mori clan’s leadership in the Edo period and eventually produced many of the Meiji Restoration heroes. It is full of precious historic and cultural heritages and blessed with beautiful nature. Take a look – you’ll find how attractive Hagi city is!


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Why don’t you join our virtual tour to Hagi, where you can find the authentic and profound side of Japan?
Hagi had been a flourishing castle town from the 1600s all the way through the 1860s, and its original layout remains unchanged to this day, including castle ruins, samurai and merchant houses, and alleys with earthen walls scattered as they were in a compact area. Some of these sites in Hagi are also registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
The streets have a very traditional atmosphere, and it feels like you can run across Samurai there.

1) Introduction to Hagi City
2) Introduction to the city’s historic sites and cultural activities
3) Live broadcast from Kikugahama Beach