Access to Hagi

Hagi can be conveniently accessed by plane, Shinkansen and express bus.

The main train station in Hagi is Higashi Hagi station. Bus services to Shin-Yamaguchi station and sightseeing spots in the area (Akiyoshi-Dai, Tsuwano etc) depart from outside the station. Alternatively, all bus services pass through Hagi Bus Center which is more centrally located. The express buses from Tokyo and Osaka also arrive at Hagi Bus Center.

By Plane

The two closest airports to Hagi are Yamaguchi Ube Airport and Hagi Iwami Airport. Both have daily flights to and from Tokyo Haneda Airport.

Yamaguchi Ube Airport 10 flights daily (95mins)
Hagi Iwami Airport 2 flights daily (95mins)

Both airports operate a direct taxi service to/from Hagi City (70-80mins, must be reserved in advance).
Alternatively, Hagi can be accessed by JR bus. If you chose to rent a car, the journey to Hagi takes 70-80 mins from either airport.

root Haneda Airport(Tokyo) Yamaguchi Ube Airport Hagi Iwami Airport Shin-Yamaguchi Station Masuda Station 60-95 minutes by bus

By Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

JR Shin-Yamaguchi Station is the nearest Shinkansen station to Hagi. There are bus services to Hagi running from directly outside the JR Shin-Yamaguchi station exit (JR Bus and Bōchō Bus, 70-90mins).

From Tokyo Station Approx. 4h30mins
From Shin-Osaka Station Approx. 2h
From Hiroshima Station Approx. 32mins
From Fukuoka, Hakata Station Approx. 35mins

root Tokyo Station Shin-Yamaguchi Station 60-90 minutes by bus

By Express Bus

Express bus services operate from Tokyo and the Kansai area (Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe) to Hagi.

From Tokyo Station Approx. 14h30mins
From Kyoto Station Approx. 13h15mins
From Shin-Osaka Station Approx. 12h20mins
From Kobe (From Sannomiya Bus Terminal) Approx. 10h45mins

root 14 hours 30 minutes by express bus Hagi Express by express bus Karst issue

By Car

The Chūgoku expressway (中国自動車道) provides convenient access to Hagi. The Edō interchange (絵堂IC ) is the closest exit to Hagi via Minehigashi junction (美祢東JCT). It takes roughly 20mins to Hagi from the Edō interchange.