The traditional art of Hagi yaki pottery is over 400 years old. You can try your hand at making your own Hagi yaki piece, or creating your own Hagi glass cups and accessories. Walking the ancient streets wearing traditional kimono is another great experience to try. Why not challenge yourself and your family with these unique Hagi experiences?

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Make Hagi Yaki

Hagi yaki pottery boasts 400 years of rich history. There are more than 100 potteries scattered throughout the city, making everything from traditional pottery to daily use pieces. There are potteries where you can see climbing kilns, watch the production process, or try making pottery. Making and decorating a piece yourself is the best way to experience the tradition of Hagi yaki, so why not give it a go?

Genshū Pottery(元萩窯) 14 Kawashima, Hagi City
Jōzan Pottery(城山窯) 31-15 Horiuchi, Hagi City
Hagi Yaki Assembly(萩焼会館) 3155 Chintō, Hagi City
Tenryū Pottery(天龍窯) 3162-4 Chintō, Hagi City
Yoshikataibi Memorial Museum (Senryūzan)
426-1 Chintō Eikyūzan, Hagi City
Tōkazan Sōfū Pottery(陶華山藻風窯) 414-19 Tsubaki, Hagi City
Ryokuei Pottery(緑栄窯) 2153-4 Tsubaki, Hagi City

Make Hagi Glass

Hagi glass is made from the andesite deposits of Mount Kasayama. These raw materials are amalgamated into the finished product in the Hagi glass studios. The moss-green tint, the unique texture, the scratch-resistant surface, heat resistance and the crazing reminiscent of Hagi yaki are the special features of Hagi glass. You can try your hand at making cups, pendants and more.
(Must be reserved at least one day in advance)

Hagi Glass Workshop(萩ガラス工房) 1189-453Koshigahama, Hagi City 

Wear Kimono

Appreciate the Edo period atmosphere of Hagi with a stroll around the Castle Town area dressed in traditional kimono. Kimono Style Café situated on Edoya Street offers a kimono rental and fitting service. Kimono are available for men and women, and you can choose which kimono to rent.
(Must be reserved at least one day in advance)

Kimono Style Café(キモノスタイルカフェ)  2-39 Gofukumachi, Hagi City
Hagi Fukuya(萩ふくや) 3 Shimogokenmachi, Hagi City