Ryokuei Pottery


Other than an everyday container, YouI can see the works such as art objects

You can do an experience to make Hagi yaki pottery.
■Hand forming(手びねり)      : ¥2,400 (90mins)
■Electric potter's wheel(電動ろくろ) : ¥3,000 (60mins)
■Hand forming(手びねり)・Potter's wheel(手ろくろ)Electric potter's wheel(電動ろくろ) : ¥4,850 (120mins)
 * Consumption tax and shipping cost are not included

Basic info

Phone 0838-25-2088
Address 2153-4 Tsubaki, Hagi City
Open 9:00~18:00
* Reservation required
Holiday irregular
Website http://www.ryokueigama.com/