Regional Specialty Products

Traditional Hagi yaki pottery which gains character through use, Hagi glass, sweets made from Hagi summer orange, a huge variety of seafood goods and more. The many specialty products of Hagi help to make your trip unforgettable.


Hagi Yaki

Hagi yaki pottery originated in 1604 and has been used in tea ceremony ever since.
In recent years however, high-quality arts pieces and daily use pieces are also being produced.
A special feature of Hagi yaki is the soft and pure texture of the pottery. Hagi yaki is porous and with use, tea will seep into the crazing of the glaze, gradually altering the color of the piece. This phenomenon is called the “Seven Disguises” of Hagi yaki pottery.
Many potteries in Hagi offer activities, such as visiting a climbing kiln, or making Hagi yaki pottery. Experience the Hagi yaki tradition for yourself.
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Hagi Glass

Unique Hagi glass is formed in the workshops of Mount Kasayama from andesite deposits extracted from the mountain. Moss-green in color, with a crazed surface reminiscent of Hagi yaki pottery, Hagi glass is stronger and more scratch resistant than common glass.


Summer Oranges

Special regional product of Hagi, the sour-sweet summer oranges are tasty as they are, or there are a range of summer orange jelly products, jams, sweets and more to try. A favorite gift or souvenir, only available in Hagi.


Local Sake・Beers

Hagi sake (rice wine) has a long history based on the bountiful nature around Hagi. Made by using pure water and quality rice in the traditional way, our sake is even more delicious when drunk using traditional Hagi yaki sake cups. The rich flavors of our hand crafted draught beers recall the flavors of their European heritage.


Roasted Kamaboko

Traditional roasted kamaboko dates back to the Edo period. Cooked slowly on a low flame, kamaboko has a soft chewiness and a glossy exterior. Made from fish harvested from the Sea of Japan, kamaboko has a naturally salty flavor. Delicious enjoyed as-is or in soup, with a variety of traditional packaging, kamaboko is the perfect Hagi gift.


Sea-Food Products

Thanks to our location on the Sea of Japan, Hagi is blessed with delicious fresh fish. The local specialty is puffer fish, but sea urchin, horse-head fish, turban shell, seaweed and many more varieties offer lots to try. Dried fish, salted fish and wakame seaweed products are popular Hagi gifts.