Hagi Glass Workshop


The studio produces classic beautiful "Hagi glass" from an uncut stone and sells

You can do an experience to make Hagi glass.
■Hand-blown glass(宙吹きガラス): ¥3,700 (20mins)
 * Shipping cost is not included
■Carving on glass(ガラス彫刻体験) : ¥2,000 (60~90mins)
■Make glass accessories(アクセサリー制作体験) : ¥1,650 (45mins)

Basic info

Phone 0838-26-2555
Address Koshigahama, Hagi City 1189-453
Open 9:00~17:00
*Reception is until 16:00
Holiday Open daily
Website http://www.hagi-glass.jp/workshop_en.html