Hagi Meirin Gakusha Visitor Center


Situated on the site of the Former Domain School Meirinkan, the largest wooden schoolhouse in Japan is Hagi's new tourism hub!

Hagi Domain School Meirinkan is an outstanding example of Japanese architecture.
The schoolhouse of Meirin Elementary School was built on this site, and the building has been reopened as Hagi Meirin Gakusha. This precious site and the largest wooden schoolhouse in Japan which was subsequently built here, have a fascinating story to tell.

☆Main Building (free entry)☆
Tourist Information Center 
Pick up all the information you need to start exploring the city, here. Information about Hagi Meirin Gakusha is also available.

Café-Restaurant,“Hagi Goyomi”
Hagi Goyomi serves fresh Hagi brand fish, caught in the Sea of Japan, and typical Hagi cuisine, with the focus on locally produced , seasonal vegetables.

Gift Shop
Especially for the visitors to our city, the Gift shop offers a variety of items available only in Hagi.

☆Building  No.2(paid entry)☆
World Heritage Visitor Center
The five Hagi World Heritage Sites included in sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution are introduced in the World Heritage Visitor Center.

Bakumatsu Museum
The Bakumatsu period and the Meiji Restoration are explained in the Bakumatsu Museum through the history of science and technology.

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Basic info

Price Main Building:Free
Building No.2:Adults¥300,children 15-18¥200,children 6-14¥100
(20% discount for groups)
Phone 0838-21-0304
Address 602 Emukai,Hagi
Open 9:00-17:00
Hagi Goyomi
*Restaurant ①11:00-15:00 ②18:00-21:00(② By reservation only)
*cafe 11:00-15:00
Website http://www.city.hagi.lg.jp/site/meiringakusha/