Hagi Yaki Pottery Festival


Sale of the Hagi Yaki Pottery with the tradition of 400 years

Traditional Hagi yaki pottery boasts 400 years of history. More than 50 shops and potteries are open over the course of this five-day pottery market. Feel the warmth of Hagi yaki.

   What is Hagi yaki?

   Hagi yaki pottery originated in 1604 and has been used in tea ceremony
   ever since. 
 In recent years however, high-quality arts pieces and daily
   use pieces are also being produced. 

   A special feature of Hagi yaki is the soft and pure texture of the pottery.
   Hagi yaki is porous and with use, tea will seep into the crazing of the
   glaze,  gradually altering the color of the piece. This phenomenon is

  called the  ‘Seven Disguises’ of Hagi yaki pottery.


Basic info

Website http://www.haginet.ne.jp/users/hagi-cci/hagiyakimaturi/index.html
Date Hagi Yaki Pottery Festival 2020 has been canceled.
(Every year on May 1th~5th)
Place Hagi citizen gymnasium (3395-1 Tsubaki, Hagi)
Contact info. Hagi chamber of commerce
Phone 0838-25-3333