Natsumikan Oranges’ Flowers  


Natsumikan oranges seen on trees around castle town

Natsumikan Oranges, one of Hagi’s local specialties. Every year from around early to mid-May, their small, white flowers begin to bloom. These flowers have a very lovely refreshing and sweet scent! Natsumikan Oranges can be seen growing everywhere in Hagi, so when these tiny flowers begin to blossom, the whole city is enveloped with their lovely scent.
You can enjoy the yellow fruits and the scent of their flowers while strolling around Hagi Castle town and other areas where the historical townscape remains, as there are many Natsumikan Orange trees around these areas.

The Hagi Natsumikan Orange Festival will be held during when the Natsumikan Oranges’ flowers are in bloom.

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