Itō Hirobumi Old Residence・Itō Hirobumi Second Residence(Itō Hirobumi Kyūtaku)


The 1st Prime Minister of Japan

The former house of Itō Hirobumi who is Japan's first Prime Minister is a single-story, thatched, wooden house of 100㎡. This house has been listed on the National Register of Historical Sites.
In 1907, Itō Hirobumi had a second house constructed in Oimura village, Ebara-gun, to the south of central Tokyo, by the carpenter Ito Mansaku, who specialized in religious buildings. Later, the vestibule, large hall and annex room of the Second Residence were moved to their current location. Their original qualities have been well preserved. The excellent architectural characteristics such as the single wooden board of the ceiling in the large hall and the panels containing visible fine knots should be noted.
A guide is permanently resident at the premises.

Basic info

Price ¥100
Access 5 minute walk from Shoin Shrine Stop
on the Eastern Route with Hagi Junkan Ma-ru Bus
Address 1537 Chintō, Hagi City
Open Open daily 9am-5pm