Hagi Castle Town(Hagijō jōkamachi)


An historical area where the old cityscape of the Edo period still remains

The Hagi Castle Town area has been listed on the National Register of Historical Sites. The town was designed on a grid system, where samurai residences and tradesmen’s residences were arrayed in grids. The traditional appearance of almost all quarters has been preserved, and many houses have fine architectural elements, for example in alleys such as Kikuya Yokocho, Iseya Yokocho and Edoya Yokocho.
Kikuya House, a residence of wealthy merchants serving the Hagi Clan, the birthplace of Takasugi Shinsaku, Kido Takayoshi House and Aoki Shūsuke House are all situated in the Castle Town area. Visitors can see traditional houses, warehouses with namako kabe facades, various gates, and earth walls.
This area is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Basic info

Address Gofukumachi / Minamifuruhagi, Hagi