Ohitayama Tatara Iron Works


The remains of an iron works which produced iron by melting the raw material ironsand, with the heat produced by burning charcoal. In a traditional Japanese method of making iron, a bellows was used to feed air to the ironsand and charcoal in the furnace. This method of ironmaking is known as “tatara”. Ohitayama Tatara Iron Works operated three times; from 1751 to 1764, 1812 to 1822 and 1855 to 1867.


Basic info

Address 257-5 Shibuki, Hagi
Open Open All Hours
Holiday No Holidays
Parking Free Parking
Price No Charge
Access By car:
40 minutes from Higashi-Hagi Station
Remarks Ohitayama Tatara Museum (Ohitayama Tatara-kan) opens every
day from March through December
(Open Hour: 9:00am~5:00pm)