Yukawa Family Old Residence(Kyu Yukawake yashiki)


An exotic former samurai residence on the Aibagawa Waterway

Located on the Aibagawa Waterway, this former collective samurai residence from the times of clan government has a nagayamon gate, typical of collective housing, which faces the river. Access to the house is made via a small bridge.
The main house consists of a vestibule, a traditional tearoom with a fine design, and other rooms. Water conducted into the premises is used to create an aquatic garden with flowing water. One portion of the water is also supplied for domestic needs, and used water is discharged into the river. Such use of water was typical of the houses along the Aibagawa Waterway. A guide is permanently resident at the premises.


Basic info

Price ¥100
Access 25 minutes on foot from JR Hagi Station
Address 67 Kawashima, Hagi
Open 9am-5pm