Kikuya Residence(Kikuyake jyutaku)


White façades with the black and white namako kabe design are a symbol of Hagi Castle Town

This house belonged to the wealthy merchant Kikuya who provided services to the Hagi Clan. It was constructed early in the Edo period. The house was assigned as the accommodation base for the Tokugawa government’s field survey inspectors.

The premises contains warehouses, annexes and other buildings. The main house, the principal warehouse, the treasury, the rice warehouse and the kitchen house have been listed on the National Register of Important Cultural Properties.

Basic info

Phone 0838-22-0005
Address 1-1 Gofukumachi, Hagi
Open 8:30 am to 5:15 pm Closed: December 31
Price adults: ¥620; young people (junior high school/high school students): ¥300; children (elementary school students): ¥200