Kikuya Residence(Kikuyake jyutaku)


White façades with the black and white namako kabe design are a symbol of Hagi Castle Town

The Kikuya residence is one of the oldest and best-preserved merchant houses in Japan. Little has been changed since the latter half of the Edo period (1751–1867), and the site has been nationally recognized as an Important Cultural Property by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Five buildings in the residence have been fully restored and are designated as Important Cultural Properties:
the main residential building (omoya), the main storehouse (hongura), the treasure house (kanegura), the kitchen area (kamaba), and the rice granary (komegura). Together these indicate the Kikuya family’s wealth and the many functions of their residential compound, which served simultaneously as a home, storefront, warehouse, and community meeting place. The omoya in particular has been consistently in use since its construction sometime between 1652 and 1657.

The home has several entrances. These were built in accordance with the social rules of the Edo period that dictated which entrances a person could use on the basis of their class and individual importance. The nagaya mon, for example, was only used when welcoming distinguished guests from the shogunate.

The residence is filled with displays of Edo-period artifacts from the Kikuya family’s vast collection. Objects such as cooking pots and utensils are also on display to give a sense of the Kikuya family’s day-to-day lives.

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Basic info

Price adults: ¥650; young people (junior high school/high school students): ¥350; children (elementary school students): ¥250
Phone 0838-22-0005
Address 1-1 Gofukumachi, Hagi
Open 9am-5pm (last entry 4:45pm)
Holiday Closed: December 31