Hananoe Tea House


The tea house built by the lord of the Choshu domain

The Hananoe or “flower creek” tea house was built in 1854 by Mori Takachika (1819–1871), the thirteenth lord of the Choshu domain. It was originally located along the Hashimoto River within the San no Maru, the outermost part of Hagi Castle. Takachika would often have lively debates and political discussions during his tea ceremonies.
In 1889, the Hananoe tea house was purchased by a local group led by former samurai Shinagawa Yajiro (1843–1900) and was moved here to the vacant castle grounds for preservation.

(This English-language text was created by the Japan Tourism Agency. )

Basic info

Price Adults: ¥220
Children (elementary school/junior high school students): ¥100
*entrance fee of the ruin of Hagi Catsle
Access 5 minute walk from Hagi Castle Ruins・Shizuki Park Entrance Stop
on the Eastern Route with Hagi Junkan Ma-ru Bus
Address Horiuchi, Hagi(in the ruin of Hagi Catsle)
Open 8am-6:30pm April-October; 8:30am-4:30pm November-February.
Open daily
*The inside is not open to the public
Parking Shizuki Daiichi Chushajyo (Free Parking)