Hagi Domain School Meirinkan (Hankō Meirinkan-ato)


The school built for the education of the Mori House vassals

Hagi Domain School Meirinkan was founded by Mōri Yoshimoto in 1718. The school was moved to its current location in 1849. The site had an area of 50,000㎡, large for a domain school. Yoshida Shōin also gave lectures on military science in this school at the age of nineteen.

The large premises contains the currently operated Meirin Elementary School. Other remaining features worth seeing are Yūbikan where exercises of martial arts using sword and lance were performed, the Suirenike Pond, unique in Japan, where swimming and horse-riding drills were conducted in water, the main entrance, Minamimon gate, and Kantokumon gate.


Basic info

Address Emukai, Hagi