Introducing Hagi’s seasons aboard the Hagi Sightseeing Boat


The Hagi sightseeing boat offers you a chance to enjoy the scenic views of the historic townscape dating back to the Samurai Era, while leisurely sailing down the sea and rivers of Hagi!

As well as the regular cruise, the Sightseeing Boat offers special limited-time-only cruises tailored for the seasons below.



First, during the spring we have the Cherry Blossom Viewing Cruise.  🌸🌸🌸

It’s a great way to experience Japan’s Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing) culture.

You can enjoy the scenic views of the beautiful cherry blossom trees while the boat sails along the riverbanks.




Summer has two cruises available.

The first is the Sunset Viewing Cruise, featuring Hagi’s famous Kikugahama Beach, which was selected as one of the country’s Top 100 places to see the sunset. 

This cruise is a great chance to experience such a beautiful sunset for yourself!

Views of the sunset from the river and Hagi’s townscape.

There’s such a special charm about watching the sunset afloat, offering a very unique experience that anyone can enjoy.



The second course available is the Sea of Japan Sightseeing Cruise.

This tour allows you to venture out to the Sea of Japan even further than in the regular course. Using a special device for viewing underwater as shown below, you can take a peek at the underwater wonders from aboard the boat. You might even be able to meet some friendly creatures of the sea! This tour is very popular with children.




In Fall, you can enjoy the beautiful scenes of the Autumn Foliage Sightseeing Cruise, following the banks of the river, with views of around 270 cherry blossom trees tinged with red.

A scenery completely different from Spring, with the fall colors of red decorating the trees around the river.



Which season caught your fancy? Please enjoy the views of Hagi’s four seasons from the sea and rivers offered specially by the Hagi Sightseeing Boat!



Hagi Sightseeing Boat

Address: 122-1 Horiuchi, Hagi City 
Phone: 0838-21-7708
Opening hours: From March to October: 9AM to 4PM. November: 9AM to 3:30PM.
There is no specific set timetable. The boat can operate at any time.
Public holidays: Open (We are closed from December to February).
Services may also be closed depending on the weather.
Admission: Adult (Over 12 years): 1,200 yen. Children (3 to 12 years old): 600 yen. Young children (Under 3 years): Free of charge.

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Special Seasonal Cruise Periods:
Cherry Blossom Sightseeing Cruise: From late March to early April
Cruise period may vary depending on when the cherry blossoms are in bloom
Sunset Sightseeing Cruise: From late July to late August
Booking in advance is required for this cruise. Departure time is 30 minutes before sunset (around 7PM).
Sea of Japan Sightseeing Cruise: From late July to late August
Autumn Foliage Sightseeing Cruise: From early November to late November